Sportlegging die niet doorschijnt

Squat proof sports leggings

A qualitative squat proof sports legging? We often get the question. At B. Extra are actually almost all sports leggings squat proof. But we understand the question very well, because ofcourse you want leggings that fit well and show off your figure. You want to feel comfortable during a squat or deadlift and you don't want to worry about your tights showing through.

Our squat proof Performance Tight

One of our favorite squat proof sports leggings is the Performance Tight. These sports leggings do not shine through during training and remain in the right place despite your type of workout. The fabric of the leggings is custom made and tested by athletes. The waist of the leggings is compressing, so that it fits well to your body. We do recommend that you go for a dark color for squat proof leggings, with a lighter color of leggings there is a chance that it will shine through.

Performance tight

Seamless V Tight

Another suitable sports leggings that are not transparent are the Seamless V Tight. These tights have no hem at the front and are provided with a V-shaped hem at the back. The fabric of the leggings dries quickly and does not shine through. Feel 100% comfortable while training with the squat-proof Seamless V-Tight.

seamless v tight

Tips against showing through sports leggings

A golden tip against showing through your underwear through your sports leggings; don't wear underwear! By not wearing any underwear, you won't see any lines or colors through the sports leggings. Don't feel comfortable without underwear? Which is very understandable, try to wear seamless underwear under shorts or sports tights.

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