Sportlegging die niet afzakt

Sports leggings that doesn't sag

One of the biggest irritations during exercise, your leggings that sag during training. It disturbs you during your workout and you are constantly working on it. Recognizable to you? Then you need a sports tight that doesn't sag. How your leggings fit during training depends on various factors. The model, the size and the fit. B. Extra has sportleggings that stay in the right place during training. Find out which one suits you best here.

Performance Tights

The band at the waist of the performance tight provides compression. This ensures that the leggings stay in the right place. The fabric of our leggings is made to measure, which means that the quality is high and the fit is very comfortable. Our performance sports leggings are all limited. Move well, perform well with our performance tights. The performance tights run slightly smaller, so if you are in between sizes, we recommend ordering one size larger.

Performance tight

Tips against sagging sports leggings

The most important tip against sagging your sports leggings is to order the right size. If the size is too small or too large, your leggings will slide off in both cases. Do not wash your leggings too hot, because then there is a chance that they will shrink and then sink. Finally, leggings with a band that offers compression are less likely to slide down than others.

You can order sports leggings that do not slide down from B. Extra

If you are looking for the perfect sports leggings that do not sag, you have come to the right place with us. Our tights are made to move comfortably. Tested and made by athletes, so you are assured of the best quality. Discover our collection and Become Extraordinary.

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